Moderator Carmen Hentschel ist hosting the AI panel for the Facebook Open House Event in Berlin

Moderator for Facebook 

Invitation to the Facebook event OPEN HOUSE

A view behind the scenes. In the kick off, Facebook open its doors in Germany for an evening of dialogue with the public.

It`s a pleasure for me for hosting this event and as I know my tech-attached connections here on LinkedIn, this maybe could be interesting for a bunch of you. So I would love to share the event date with you:
 20.11. at the Facebook Office in Berlin. Please reserve a seat (…and hurry up, it`s the first comes first gets principle ;-)):

We start with the topic of Artificial Intelligence and will discuss with you questions like:
– How does AI research at Facebook look like?
– What questions/challenges are the teams at Facebook currently working on?
– What is happening with the data Facebook is collecting?
– How does Facebook cares for a fair and inclusive AI?
– Where do you see the biggest potential for AI and machine learning?

and happy to give you answers:
Joaquin Quiñonero Candela, Engineering Director, AI (picture above: left) and Norberto Andrade Global Policy Lead for Digital and AI Ethics (picture above: right).

I`m looking forward to welcome you there!
Best, Carmen

About Carmen Hentschel

She is one of the leading minds in the field of digitization in Germany. For years, she has been discussing how we will live and work in the future with executives from business, politics and academia. As a presenter, speaker and consultant, she brings a breath of fresh air into conversations and invites you to think differently. She always keeps an eye on the people and the successful implementation.

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